CIS often gets questions about our business model and relationships with carrier partners. Some of the most frequent questions are presented below along with the answers. Please contact paul@chathamins.com with any additional questions.


What is Chatham's program management relationship to Travelers and Coverys Specialty?

CIS has a program management contract with Travelers and Coverys that establishes exclusive underwriting authority for the Managed Care industry for Travelers Management and Professional Liability product lines and for Coverys for Excess Managed Care E&O, D&O and EPL. The Travelers contract has been in place since 2002 and the Coverys contract has been in place since 2018.  These contracts provide CIS with underwriting authority and the ability to underwrite, quote, bind, bill and issue policies.  CIS works very closely with the program contacts at Travelers and Coverys and has an excellent relationship with both companies.


How does an agent/broker submit an account?

Send your submission to paul@chathamins.com or kerry.stetz@chathamins.com.  


Can an agent or broker submit an account directly to Travelers?

Yes, the Travelers underwriter will forward the account to CIS for handling and the CIS quote will include a copy to the Travelers underwriter.  


How are agents/brokers compensated?

If the agent/broker is not handling the account on a fee basis, they will receive a commission.  CIS does not charge any additional fees.


How is CIS compensated?

CIS receives an underwriting fee from Travelers and Coverys.  CIS does not charge any additional fees.


What types of accounts are included in the Managed Care Insurance Industry?

Managed Care accounts include the following; 

  • All HMO's, PPO's, POS and Indemnity Plans
  • Vision, Dental and Prescription Drug Plans
  • Self-funded health plans 
  • Medicare / Medicaid plans
  • Prescription Benefit Managers
  • Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OPS)
  • Credentialing / Peer Review / Utilization Review Organizations
  • Third Party Administrators - health claims processing only
  • Network Management / Provider Services / Health benefit Purchasing Groups
  • Physician Hospital Organizations
  • Administrative Services Only Organizations
  • Case or Disease Management Companies
  • Physician Practice Management Companies
  • Medical Groups and Independent Physician Groups that have a network or contract directly with health plans

What is the minimum information that CIS needs to provide a quote?

In most cases, CIS can provide a quote on any of the products offered with any application, the most recent CPA prepared financial statement and a loss run/loss experience. Detailed submission requirements are addressed under each individual product.


How quickly can CIS provide a quote?

In most cases, CIS can provide a quote within 24 to 48 hours of receipt if needed.  Larger accounts, large limits, and more complex cases will generally take up to a week.  CIS is committed to meeting the deadline provided by the agent/broker.